Being an effective leader is a lifelong journey incorporating a continuum of experiences and a reflective self-analysis. Based on the readings this week, please provide a thoughtful synthesis of course readings that impact your understanding of leadership as well as your development as a leader. Clear integration of the concepts from the articles and readings assigned this week is required. A reflective self-analysis should accompany each entry. These questions may be considered in addition:


1. What are the common themes across the readings assigned?

2. Are there distinct theoretical perspectives/approaches that you can identify from the readings for the given topic?

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective?

4. In what circumstances and for whom each perspective might be more applicable?

5. Can you think of a new conceptual angle (or a new set of hypotheses) to examine outcomes or processes of the given topic?

Reading material to incorporate into this week’s weekly synthesis: 

  • Northhouse, Chapters 6 and 7 (Path-Goal Theory, Leader-Member Exchange Theory) See attached.
  • Kouzes & Posner: Chapters 1 – 5  See attached.


Before completing this assignment, please consider the difference between a summary and a synthesis.  A summary is an overview of the most important information (key elements) from the readings expressed in your own words. You determine what’s important and then memorialize it in your paper using your own words. Synthesis, however, requires you to not only understand what’s important and restate main points from the readings but also to put all the key points together to see them in a new way. In other words, when you synthesize, you combine ideas to take your understanding of the material to a different level, generating new (original) ideas, thoughts, and interpretations of the information. 

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