The assignment describes Organization Program Management Plan. besides, there is a description of  Company Strategic Capacity Plan. So,  what are the major features of the plan.

Organization Program Management Plan – Company Strategic Capacity Plan

Firstly, the Course Project is an assignment and is a program management plan for a company of your choice. Secondly, you may use your own employer or a public company you can research to provide necessary details. To get started, you need to know the company’s strategic plan and strategic capacity plan. Also, you have just hired as a program manager for a specific program. You can either use one from your research or create one that would fit what you have learned about the organization’s strategic objectives. You will be responsible for creating a business case and charter for the program, including governance as well as a complete program plan for your new program.

Organization Program Management Plan – Company Strategic Capacity Plan

The purpose of the summary is to outline the main points of the program management plan so that executive leadership can absorb the content of the plan without having to read every page. If more detail is required, the executive would go to the appropriate section. The executive summary should include the following. Firstly, briefly, what are the main points of the program? Secondly, why is it being undertaken? Also, what are the major features of the plan? Additionally, what is the timing and budget?

Detailed Instructions


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