Organization- Significant ethical issues

Detailed Instructions

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        Select an organization which has dealt with significant ethical issues recently. Examples are listed below. This will be the foundation for your case study. To help complete your case study, you will need to conduct research on your selected organization and consider the ethical issues involved with this case. Be prepared to describe the ethical issues involved, furnish specific examples and evidence, and utilize the ethical concepts from the course to analyze the issue by following the outline provided. This will be an APA paper that use and cites course material (textbook and the lessons) and includes at least three additional scholarly sources.

More about this assignment:

The paper will begin with an introduction to the organization. The introduction will include what the organization does as well as a highlight of the policies observed by the organization. The identified policies will be crosschecked with the published ethical issues involving the organization and the case study respectively. The paper is expected to present the discussion of the ethical concepts that raise concern and interest. This will be determined by the ability to link the existing policies and the ethical issues acknowledged from the case study. The paper also expects an analysis of ethical issues. The analysis should presents arguments borrowed from the existing literature as a way of promoting the authenticity of the opinions…. 

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