At this point in your practicum, you are discovering the importance of our community public-health work to ensure optimal health and well-being of all people through a process that respects diversity, addressing the structural biases, social inequities, and racism that undermine health and create obstacles to health equity at organizational, community, and societal levels. Public health organizations and professionals achieve this in part through organizational capacity building, which strengthens characteristics that promote community health and well-being through the planning, development, and implementation of community programs. For this assignment, you will conduct an organizational capacity assessment of your practicum site and determine how effectively the site is building capacity to address the needs of the community. You will save this assignment in your portfolio.

Meet with your preceptor to discuss this assignment. Obtain permission to conduct the organizational capacity assessment at your practicum site. You will also use data available to you through various databases and a literature review.
For this assignment you should specifically:
Discuss the baseline level of core public health and environmental health services provided by the practicum organization to the community, especially to underserved and culturally diverse populations.
Describe baseline level of core public health and environmental health services.