Organizational culture in mergers

Detailed Instructions


Research question: How can global managers make decisions for organizations where there are multiple nationalities present?


Significance/Rationale: To understand how cultural difference and intercultural competences might impact corporate success

Quick Response

Global managers have a role and responsibility to play regarding making decisions for organizations with multiple nationalities present. The leaders should be aware of and concerned about diversity, which leads to different organizational cultures. Therefore, the leaders are expected to efficiently align the employees from various nationalities and ensure that they work towards achieving the organization’s missions and values. The global managers ought to be flexible to allow the culture to be part of the organizational cultures (Hutchings & Michailova, 2014). Such flexibility encourages the employees to form various nationalities to embrace the organization as their own. In other words, global leaders are expected to have collaborative skills that allow them to focus on emotional intelligence and empowerment…


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