This assignment entails Case Application 2: Organizational Volunteers. There is also an analysis of Teaming Up for Take Off case study.

Case Application 2: Organizational Volunteers :Teaming Up for Take Off

Use standard essay format and must have at least 3 paragraphs (ie Intro, body and conclusion).

Responses must be double spaced using Times New Roman and 12 point type size.

Use A.P.A. style. Use citations throughout the paper.
I do not have a copy of the textbook.

Please ONLY reference
Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter, 2018
Pearson Education

ISBN.13: 978-0-134-52760-4

Pick ONE of the following essay topics:

1. Please read “Case Application 2: Organizational Volunteers” on page 373 of your text and answer the following: What do you think about using “volunteers” to do work that other people get paid to do? If you were in Mark Studness’s position, what would you be most concerned about in this arrangement? How would you “manage” that concern? How do these “volunteers” fit into an organization’s structure? Take each of the six elements of organizational design and discuss how each would affect this structural approach.

Case Application 2: Organizational Volunteers :Teaming Up for Take Off

2. Please read “Case Application 2: 737 Teaming Up for Take Off” on pages 441-442 of your text and answer the following: What type of team(s) do these employee teams appear to be? Explain. As this story illustrated, sometimes it may take a long time for a team to reach its goal. As a manager, how would you motivate a team to keep on trying? What role do you think a team leader needs to play in this type of setting? Explain.

3. Please read “Case Application 2: Delivery Disaster” on page 478 of your text and answer the following: Beyond it being vulgar and disgusting, what do you think of this situation from the perspective of managing communications? Why do you think Domino’s executives took a wait-and-see attitude? Why was this response a problem? How could this type of communication problem be prevented at other Domino’s Pizza restaurants?

Detailed Instructions


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