The assignment discusses Organizations Legal Analysis. Besides, there is a description of Employment Law for Business. So, identify and discuss all of the applicable laws and how they apply.

Organizations Legal Analysis – Employment Law for Business

Paper details:

Firstly, review the attached case scenario and instructions. Secondly, write a minimum 5- page to a maximum 7- page (double spaced) paper (cover page, reference page and appendices do not count toward this requirement) in APA format. Also, addressing the issues outlined in the attached scenario. Legal Analysis: Additionally, the paper must identify and discuss all of the applicable laws and how they apply to each of the five (5) employee situations. Organization: Besides, the paper should organized around an introduction, analysis and conclusion with appropriate headings.

Organizations Legal Analysis – Employment Law for Business

Firstly, an abstract not required and should not included. APA Format: APA format required. Including a cover page and reference page. APA citation to information from the textbook is required. APA citation means in-text citation to information from the textbook, including page numbers, within the text of the paper. Opened two new online marketing and direct distribution channels. Soon after these websites  launched, technology problems and declining sales resulted in a significant decrease in the company’s profits. As a result, the company has decided to abandon its new direct marketing plan and to reduce its workforce. So, you the Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR) for Bright Electronics, Inc. President of the company has asked you to terminate the employment for several employees.

Organizations Legal Analysis – Employment Law for Business

He has given you a list of people to consider and has charged you with writing a paper describing which employees to terminate, the reasons for each termination and the legal risks for each employee in terms of post termination litigation. “You have to pick 3 employees who will be terminated,” the President ordered. “Two of the employees can be moved to other positions in the company. Give me your recommendations in writing.” Your job as VP of HR: You must terminate three (3) of these employees.

Detailed Instructions


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