Questions for Reading Set A: Our Nation’s Founders: How Religious were They?

Answer the question in an essay of at least 8-12 paragraphs. It is essential that your essay includes specific references to the articles in the reading set, and that you attribute any material that you summarize, quote or paraphrase to its source‑ using the page numbers in the reading set. Base your essay on the information contained in this set of readings, not on your experience, on outside readings, or on courses that you have taken. Be sure to first, summarize and define any appropriate key terms related to your position, and second, to synthesize the various readings to support your position. You may use only a dictionary (hard copy, no electronic devices can be used) and your reading set.


Question 2:         Shorto states, “In fact, the founders were rooted in Christianity — they were inheritors of the entire European Christian tradition — and at the same time they were steeped in an Enlightenment rationalism that was, if not opposed to religion, determined to establish separate spheres for faith and reason” (10). Refer to at least four readings in the set. Briefly summarize the differences between the Christian tradition and Enlightenment rationalism; then analyze how these two “separate spheres for faith and reason” help us to understand how religious the founders of the United States were.