This assignment focuses on Out of the Past (1947) Film. Besides, it touches upon Short Visual Analysis. So, the first part of the assignment involves a shot-by-shot breakdown of the scene.

Out of the Past (1947) Film : Short Visual Analysis        

The Crime film                              

Short Visual Analysis (25% of Final Grade)



 Out of the Past (1947) Film : Short Visual Analysis. This assignment is designed to test your ability to describe and interpret film narrativeYou will be shown a scene from the film, Out of the Past (1947). Your task will be to give a description of the scene by breaking it down into its component parts, and then to speculate on its possible meanings.

The clip entitled, Out of the Past, can be found at this location on YouTube:

 The assignment asks you to consider the scene in isolation from the rest of the film. You may watch the entire film if you wish. But you will be graded on the precision with which you are able to describe the sequence and the quality of your ideas about its possible meanings.Out of the Past (1947) Film


Your task, then, is twofold: 1) to describe what you see as clearly as possible (you do not need to use filmic terms); and 2) to explain what it might mean (literally, thematically and symbolically).


You should write the assignment in essay form, but should think of it as having two parts. Short Visual Analysis. The first part of the assignment involves a shot-by-shot breakdown of the scene. The second part asks you to provide several possible interpretations of the meaning of the scene. A topic statement is required. A thesis statement is not.

Out of the Past (1947) Film : Short Visual Analysis

This assignment requires you to analyze the sequence yourself. Using internet or other sources will result in substantial deductions to your grade.

 Your assignment should be typed and double-spaced. Out of the Past (1947) Film. It should be about 1500 words in length (6 pages). It should  sent to me before 10pm on July 13, 2020.


Late assignments will have 5% deducted for each day late, including weekends.


Detailed Instructions

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