Write an outline for the following essay: (Include your thesis, at least a few main ideas with examples, and a list of 2-3 sources you will be using.)

Essay 3: Research and describe one or more political, cultural, religious, and/or spiritual view(s) of the environment and our place within it. You could for example look at a political party’s view (Democrat, Republican, Green Party, or other) or look at a particular religious or cultural tradition (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam,  Judaism, Hinduism,  Native American, Maori, or other religion, national, ethnic,  or spiritual tradition).  You can consider  what is the role of humans in the environment. How are various elements of the environment, flaura (plants), fauna (animals), various habitats, bodies of water, geology, air, etc.. viewed?   How are these elements of the environment valued? For example is it valued in mostly in a monetary way or valued in other ways as well?

This is a big question, so you may use a few specific examples to show the values of the tradition you are exploring rather than trying to  cover everything suggested above. For example you could look at the Inuit and the whale hunt as emblematic of their relationship to the environment or the relationship of the Hawaiians to Mauna Kea.  Or you could look at how a religious tradition views the relationship between people and nature, or  where does a political party stand on regulating businesses in relation to natural resources.

You may use readings from the course, your own experience and knowledge, and your own research.  You must cite 3-4 sources in MLA at the end of your paper.

Finally (in your conclusion or throughout the essay) compare this view or views to the scientific view (or views) of how humans fit into ecological systems. Assess the view in the light of climate change.