Follow the instructions to post your cultural project to this discussion.

1. You choose the country Panama.

2. Use the internet to find out as much as you can about aging in that country. Use the questions listed below to guide you in deciding what to post. You can also post links. Be sure you always indicate your information source in a reference using APA formatting.

Foreign Country (Panama)

What is the status of the elderly in the society of the chosen country? What is the status of older people in their families? Is this changing? Give examples to support your answer.

What are the social programs to sustain the older adults in the country?

Are there particular beliefs in their culture that professionals in health and human services should be aware of?

How does this culture compare to the overall aging culture in the U.S.?

5. Make specific connections to connect the concepts to personal experience.

Your posted report should be 2-3 pages (about 600 -700 words, not including the references), using APA format for citations.

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