Interview Questions

1. When and why did you decide to have your first child?

2. When you had your first child, was the timing/age similar to your parents? Grandparents? Did the timing go along with your own expected timeline?

3. What advice, folk-tales or myths do you recall were offered to you prior to becoming a parent? Were any of these helpful?

4. Who was present at the delivery? Would you describe your labor? Onset, progress, length, medication, delivery, etc?

5. Did you breastfeed your baby? How did you make your decision? (Why or why not?)

6. Describe your first week with your newborn. What do you remember about your newborn? Immediately after birth, the next day?

7. When you became a parent, what was different from your expectations of becoming a parent? Or did it match up with what you pictured beforehand?

8. Did you take parenting or childbirth classes before becoming a parent?

9. Did you have discussions with the child’s other parent about timing, careers, daycare, or discipline?

10. Is there anything you wish you could have known or prepared for?

11. What concerns you most about your child or being a parent today Expectations? Hopes? Fears? Had you thought about these before becoming a parent?