Part A: Developing the Schedule

You are free to make any assumptions necessary to complete the assignment. However each assumption must be justified and stated clearly in your assessment word document. Marks will be deducted for any unreasonable assumption or for stating an assumption and then ignoring it in your assignment. Part A: Developing the Schedule For part A of the assessment you must complete the following tasks and questions. Read all the questions before you commence the tasks. The schedule is to be developed in an appropriately named Microsoft Project 2013 file (see the name specified below) and the questions are to be answered in a Word document. Any assumptions must also be listed at the beginning of the Word document (after the coversheet). 1. Use Microsoft Project to develop the project schedule according to the instructions below. For this assignment, unless the specification states otherwise, you must initially allocate only one of each required resource to a task. To clarify, some examples are given below. For example, based on the information in table 2, you should initially allocate: • One Analyst to work on task “6.1 Detailed Requirements Analysis” for 12 weeks. • One Operations staff member, one Security specialist and one Software Engineer to work together on task “5.5 Installation of the new hardware” for 1 week. • All three of the conversion team to work together on each of the conversion tasks (7.1-7.3). With this “team”, each conversion task should have a duration of 2 days. • Two members of the conversion team to work together on each of the training tasks (8.1-8.3). With this “team”, each training task should have a duration of 4 weeks.

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