The Team Report for each individual is also summarised at the end of this report, identifying each person’s personal strengths and development areas when operating in a team environment. The most powerful use of the report, however, is using the combined results across the whole group to assist team development or the impact of new members on an existing team. The average level of preference across the team indicates the typical level of comfort in each role across the group, revealing general strengths and development areas. The maximum level of preference across the team indicates the optimum distribution of roles across the team, given the existing individual preferences. The individuals most comfortable in each area are identified, indicating which individuals are most comfortable in each team role. It is also important to consider other factors in this regard, such as expertise, experience and seniority of different team members. The chart showing how scores are distributed across the team reveals potential group dynamics, likely complementarities or sources of potential conflict. For instance, two team members who are both enthusiastic Drivers may benefit from understanding this and learning to give each other reasonable opportunity to take the lead. Similarly, an individual who has a strong preference for acting as a Creator, generating new ideas, but a low preference for acting as an implementer, putting things into practice, is likely to have differences of opinion on how to pursue goals compared with a colleague with opposing preferences, unless they develop a strong working partnership valuing and drawing on these differences. Applications of the Dimensions Composite Team Report The information in the report is very powerful when facilitating team development, developing new teams or assessing how well teams will perform. Outlined below are some of the key applications of the Dimensions Composite Team Report: Existing team meeting new challenges: Existing teams regularly need to adapt to new challenges, ways of working or changes in membership. The Composite Team Report provides a powerful tool to support facilitated team development, enabling the team to examine their goals and the styles of operating required to achieve them. Developing new teams: The report can similarly be used to support the rapid development of new teams, through facilitated workshops, to build understanding of each individuals and the overall teams strengths and areas for development. Selecting key team members: when new individuals are selected into an existing team, such as a Board of Directors or major project team, it is vital to find not only the best person for the role but how well the candidate is likely to complement the styles of other team members. Management team evaluation: The Composite Team Report can be used as the cornerstone of assessing the people risks as part of any due diligence process during mergers and acquisitions or evaluation of a Board or Management Team prior to providing venture capital.


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