Determination of lmax using Solution C:

  1. Read the Absorbance of solution C at the different wavelengths by following the spectrophotometer operating instructions:
    1. Set wavelength to 400 nm.
    2. With sample compartment empty and the mode set to TRANSMITTANCE, set the display to 0% by adjusting the lower LEFT hand knob. Once this is set, do NOT touch this lower left hand knob again.
    3. Switch the mode to ABSORBANCE. Insert clean cuvette that is about half full of deionized water. Adjust the display to 0% by using the lower RIGHT hand knob.
    4. Insert the sample and read the absorbance.
  2. Reset the wavelength by increasing it 10 nm and repeat Step 1a-d.
  3. Once data has been collected for all the wavelengths, plot absorbance versus wavelength. Include this graph in your report sheet.
  4. Determine lmax (the wavelength with the maximum absorbance).