PEDIATRIC RESPIRATORY: Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis

For this activity, we will focus on presenting patients in addition to assessing clinical reasoning. You are to select a patient from your clinical setting that presents with a complaint consistent with Respiratory disorders.  Report what was done for patients selected from your clinical setting only.

Presentations need to follow SOAP format with reflections. Address the following:

  1. Subjective (S) =chief complaint or reason patient presented for treatment with pertinent historical information including PMH, Medication, Allergies, PSH, SH, and ROS.
  2. Objective (O) =exam findings relevant to the chief complaint or reason for a visit including any diagnostic tests [labs or imaging] done at the point of care.
  3. Assessment (A) = most probable diagnosis includes at least 2 differential diagnoses for the acute problem [new problem] and status of any chronic conditions listed in order of priority.
  4. Plan (P) =include all appropriate treatment and management of all diagnoses addressed during the visit including patient education, health promotion and disease prevention [age appropriate].
  5. Reflections- what did you learn, and would you do anything differently (if any).
  6. Include one peer-reviewed scholarly reference or clinical practice guideline to support your clinical decision making.  
  7. Use APA format for PPT, which always includes a title slide, a reference slide, and APA requirements. Resources found in APA Documents/Resources.

Limit presentation to 5-7 minutes and PowerPoint is limited to 5 slides [one for each item to address excluding title and reference slide].

All items should be addressed in your presentation.


include speaker notes