Indicate clearly which peer’s essay prompts your response.
Address your peer’s comments specifically, making your focus how you want to extend, complicate, challenge, or uphold your peer’s insights.
Present your own views, showing a solid knowledge of the text.
Cite at least 3 textual examples (from your textbook/the readings) in your response.
Proofread. (No more than 3 errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling per response.)
Quote and cite correctly using MLA documentation style.
Ensure that your response supports your peer to write and read more fully and rigorously. Think: How can I support this person’s work while expanding or drilling down on the ideas presented?


Intro.: I’m responding to (X’s) posting about (TOPIC). While I agree with X’s point about (SUBTOPIC), I want to (BUILD ON/EXTEND/EMPHASIZE/COMPLICATE/CHALLENGE) the claim that (POINT from X’s essay). My responses focuses on (X).

Body of response(2-4 para.): Lead your audience through your examples, which should connect the figurative language of the texts to your extension of the original posting. Within your response, show support for the writer’s insights and challenge them to probe further. If you can see ways they could make the argument more effective or compelling, or if you see larger implications unexplored, say that too. If you admire a strategy of writing or thinking that your peer used, or if you learned something from the essay, note it.

Remember: At least 3 citations in the body of your response.

Brief conclusion: You could point to a larger course theme or issue in the book, reinforce something you will take with you from the book, or mention some connection among essays. Don’t write “to conclude” or “in conclusion.”

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