In this assignment, you are required to write a 3 to 4-page paper (1000 word minimum), combining research from at least 4 current sources (peer-reviewed journals, academic databases or the websites of government and educational institutions). Remember to cite your sources. Please read the instructions below:

The range of topics can be essentially anything within the scope of the class, however, it should be a topic that has not been covered in depth in the textbook, or that you are particularly passionate about. The first part of your paper should detail your topic and show the depth of your research and understanding of it. The second part of the paper is your emotional response to the topic and how it relates to your personal experience. 

Among the things you might indicate are how it has affected you in the past or will affect you in the future in your career, choice of career, hobbies, interests, relationships with others, attitude about drugs, coping strategies, choice of literature and activities. Additionally, you could also explore how it might have affected your dietary preferences and personal approach to health and well being.