What support may Pegas thrive to obtain from the EU?

Part A: Case

PEGAS: ‘Riding’ the ex-communist bike across Europe and beyond

Assignment: Prepare the case

Possible Additional Questions to Consider in Your Analysis:

  • Imagine yourself as part of the leadership of Pegas. What advice would you give its CEO, Andrei Botescu, on the further development of its international footprint? How could Pegas become an international well-known bicycle producer across Europe, through a location and marketing strategy?
  • What support may Pegas thrive to obtain from the EU?
  • If an opportunity-based internationalization strategy is followed by Pegas in Europe, rather than the linear, Uppsala model, based on learning and increasing commitment, what opportunities the European market may Pegas pursue in the following years? How should Pegas create growth opportunities with the market (i.e., various market actors, institutional or communities)?

Quick Response

The European Commission is responsible for making proposals of legislation, implementation of decisions, uphold the European Union, and manage daily EU business. The commission boosts the investment across the continent, which strengthens the economy according to(Dimitrakopoulos, 2004). Moreover, the daily business of the European Commission promotes the generation of jobs. Such is achieved through the removal of barriers to investment, provision of funding, and providing advice on potential projects. The European Commission also promotes fundamental rights among the EU citizen. This promotes inclusion and upholds democracy and dignity. This influences the coexistence of the population in the EU, which promotes the business among the countries, involved. In other words, the Commission strengthens the EU citizens’ right to cross the EU borders effortless…

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