This is for my native american and women chicana studies, please follow the directions :

For this response, consider the first 100 pages of People of the Whale and the video on local environmental justice issues.
In both contexts, economic gain was valued over caring for the natural environment.
Tell me what other similarities you noticed between the book and the other readings/video. What does the pursuit of riches bring to our 
communities? What does it do to our relationships with people? What does it do to our physical environment?
How can a community grow economically and care for both its people and its environment at the same time?
This response calls primarily for your personal opinion, but feel free to write about the readings/video as well.
400 to 750 words. 12-point font. Double-spaced. Citations encouraged but not required.
video link: 
– Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change video is not in English, The film has captions:
– The second film is Native Americans: We Shall Remain by LoVina Louie and is a TED Talk on YouTube at
– please read the fllowing pages in the instructions is asking, first 100!!
– the testbook is und the files along with the article