Your assessor will observe you as you provide formal feedback to two team members to complete an improvement plan for each one.

Use the Performance Improvement Plan Template, provided at the Bounce Fitness site. 

Your assessor will observe you as you: 

  • Conduct two role plays with two different volunteers; during each role play you must:
  • Introduce the purpose of the session
  • Discuss the Improvement Plan to be developed, identifying the sequence of sections in the template
  • Identify dates for Progress and Support Check-ins
  • Set a monitoring session date
  • Provide formal feedback on performance
  • Develop at least one objective to enable each team member to improve performance
  • Agree on at least two strategies to meet the performance improvement objective/s
  • Agree on support to be provided manager to meet the performance improvement objective/s
  • Discuss consequences of not meeting objectives, in line with Bounce’s Progressive Discipline Policy
  • Use format and prompts in the Improvement Plan to guide the planning session
  • Complete the section Improvement Plan for each team member.

Please note the that the Performance Monitoring section of the template is not required for this Task. You will complete this section in Case Study 3 Task 3. 

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