In your report, respond to the following:


What is a performance management system?

Examine at least 1 challenge that was identified in the example of John and Nina in the video titled, What exactly is a Performance Management System. How can this type of challenge affect the organization?

Discuss the 3 impacts of not giving employees proper feedback.

In one of the videos that you viewed, the lecturer spoke about managers using inappropriate performance management techniques. Discuss 2 of the effects that can occur.

Identify and explain the 8 components of a performance management system.

Explain the steps in the performance management process discussed in the video titled, Model of the Performance Management Process.

Why is it important to set expectations? How can this be accomplished?

Is the performance appraisal the most important part of the performance management system? Explain your response.

Discuss 3 best practices that can be implemented in the disciplinary procedure.

Explain at least 3 techniques that can be used to analyze your performance management system.