This assignment focuses on Personal Freedom During American Revolution. There is also a description of  major events between 1763-1840.

Personal Freedom During American Revolution : major events between 1763-1840

Politics, Rights, Liberty and Personal Freedom During the American Revolution and Afterwards 1763-1840.  The paper needs to be focused on major events between 1763-1840. Basically need to write a historical, liberty and personal freedom of the people from 1763-1840. The Revolution built institutions and codified the language and ideas that still define Americans’ image of themselves. Moreover, revolutionaries justified their new nation with radical new ideals that changed the course of history and sparked a global “age of revolution.” But the Revolution was as paradoxical as it was unpredictable. A revolution fought in the name of liberty allowed slavery to persist.

Personal Freedom During American Revolution : major events between 1763-1840

Resistance to centralized authority tied disparate colonies ever closer together under new governments. The revolution created politicians eager to foster republican selflessness and protect the public good but also encouraged individual self-interest and personal gainI have some important events listed here in order: 1765 Stamp Act, 1767 Townshead Act, 1783 Treaty of Paris, 1794 Whiskey Rebellion, 1789 Constitution of the United States 1798 Alien and Sedation Act, War of 1812, 1816 American Colonization and 1828 The Second party System. please include sources as well, academic journals  preferred.

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