The assignment talks about Personal Nursing Philosophical Statement. However, there is a description of Environmental Health Concerns. So, provide a conceptual image.

Personal Nursing Philosophical Statement – Environmental Health Concerns

Firstly, students will develop a statement. Secondly, create a mind map, and select a nursing theorist/theory that is compatible with their individual nursing practice. Thirdly, students will write a 3-4 page scholarly paper that includes a)) how their is compatible with their one chosen theory. Besides, how they envision using their selected theory/philosophical statement in their individual nursing practice to improve patient outcomes, via a patient case study. Also, the self-created theory mind map will be attached to this assignment, along with APA style references and a title page (these three elements are not counted toward the paper page limit). NOTE: We strongly discourage students from using Nightingale as well as Henderson’s theories for this assignment. For this to be meaningful and useful in your clinical settings, we want you to use a contemporary nursing theory.

Personal Nursing Philosophical Statement – Environmental Health Concerns

Your textbook has many to choose from! A : The use of a nursing philosophy is the basis for nursing practice and promotes the proper application of nursing knowledge as well as the development of nursing theory and knowledge. • Develop a personal nursing specific philosophical statement incorporating your personal thoughts, and beliefs about nursing to improve patient outcomes. • Information regarding your will be included in your mind map, and discussed in the scholarly paper. (See below for more details). B. Theory Mind Map: 1. Incorporate your in your mind map.

Personal Nursing Philosophical Statement – Environmental Health Concerns

2. Illustrate the compatibility of your one selected theorist/theory with your of how you practice nursing in your mind map. (In other words…provide a conceptual image/drawing of how you envision yours compatible with your selected theorist/theory through use of the nursing metaparadigm as you think about improving patient outcomes.

Detailed Instructions


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