5 Powerpoint slides and maybe 1-2 pages for the SPEECH OUTLINE.

Example is attached

Persuasive Outline, References and Visual Aid
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In this section, you will upload the following items:

Speech Outline with APA Reference section (Please upload this document in Microsoft Word or PDF format)
PowerPoint Slides (Please upload this document in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format)
**If using Google Docs and/ or Google Slides, please save as PDF documents before uploading them here.  

Using the attached template as a guide, create a full-sentence informative speech outline. The outline should include a reference section at the end with 3-5 credible sources cited properly in APA format. Then create a power point (Google Slides can be used as well) with 5-7 slides to use as a visual aid. Be sure to upload these documents in a single submission and no not create separate submissions for each document.

Review the attached grading rubric for more details on how the final grade will be determined. You can also use the websites below for assistance with APA guidelines, checking for credible sources and creating a power point.