You have the option of choosing one prompt from two different letter writing scenarios. Once you choose a scenario you have to “fill it out” with your own self generated public relations perspective.

Scenario 1, Phillies Organization Letter:

You are a PR professional who has been charged with responding in the Philadelphia Inquirer to “It’s time to say thanks and farewell to the Phillie Phanatic.” It is up to you to determine the actions of the Phillies and stance on the Phanatic. The letter should attempt to maintain a reputation with the fan base and fully explain the issue at hand. Be sure to write something worth publishing on behalf of the Phillies organization.

Scenario 2, Mississippi State University Letter:

You work for the athletic department at Mississippi State University during the fan experience controversy. Write a letter to the fans on behalf of the athletic department with the goal of maintaining brand personality/reputation. This letter should explain the current issues and express how the university plans to move forward.

Once you have chosen your scenario, please keep the following rubric points in mind. You must execute the letter format complete with headings and letterheads. Your spelling and grammar should be essentially perfect. Your word choice and tone must be clear, ethical, and reflect an international audience. Please keep the letter itself to one page single-spaced. This is due online through the Canvas shell before class.

This assignment must be typed and submitted electronically in MS Word (.docx or .pdf) format. The file must be named in the following format: Lastname_Assignment1. Submit your completed document to Assignment 1, listed on the Modules and Assignments pages, as a file attachment.

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