This assignment explores Philosophy inquiry about morality. There is also a description of Principle of Utility in Utilitarianism. So, what is morality? What are moral principles? Who should or should not follow which rule/law? Why?

Philosophy inquiry about morality-Principle of Utility in Utilitarianism

Course Background: The course is about philosophy inquiry and critical inquiry about morality. So, What is morality?Also, what are moral principles? Who should or should not follow which rule/law? Why? Why not? You should indicate clearly how such theoretical debate inform your work at the outset of the introduction. Task ( as listed in the “Essay Requirements and Rubrics”).  Please create a 1000-1100 words of argumentative essay with essay prompt: Is it morally justifiable for governments to impose emergency measures that restrict citizens from working in their places of employment when a serious disease epidemic strike? General requirement for the argumentative essay: Provide more argument than facts (descriptive). Facts help to support knowledge and argument claims. Therefore, make argument from facts . Also, Support argument with published academic argument – illustrate: how come the moral principle is valid in your understanding of this world’s dilemma and problem.

Philosophy inquiry about morality-Principle of Utility in Utilitarianism

How come this principle from the past in the history of philosophy still works for you and the world today. Structures: 1. Introduction paragraph – Provide well-focused background that include concept or theory from the course* *) The theory include: 1. Principle of Utility in Utilitarianism 2. Categorical Imperative in Kantianism 3. Moral Feeling in Confucianism 4. Inclusive Care in Mohism 5. Rationale of Dissolving Moral Conflict in the Thought of Daoism 6. The Concept of Tian and Ming 7.

The Distinction between Righteousness and Destiny 8. Self-establishment and Detachment of Zhuangzi Note: I would highly recommend using only one or maybe two theory to deep dive the argument in detail with examples o The course material is listed in the uploaded document “Citation list”. So,  please create arguments from one of this material and elaborate deeply. Besides, (You can also add another sources aside from the file to elaborate your point).

Detailed Instructions


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