Social order in the World – Philosophy of Human interaction

Social order in the World – Philosophy of Human interaction

1. Reflection: What are some of your core beliefs as you start this class? (Name at least 3 – 5) Do you have any new thoughts or perspectives (even if your belief did not change) related to your original core beliefs due to this class?
• Note: Core beliefs are things you hold to be true or at least ideas you hold to be important and are somewhat central in your life or representative of who you are. They can be in relation to anything (Education, Success, God, Politics, social order in the world, human interaction, love, happiness, technology, animals, life/death, afterlife, etc)

2. Making Connection: Which philosophical ideas or philosophers did you find you have the most in common with or you align with their ideas the most? (Name at least two and expand to explain why or how you connect with them)
3. Making Connections: What is a contemporary issue in the world or a contemporary question in our current socio-political climate where one of the philosophers’ we covered would be useful? What would this philosopher say in relation to the issue?

Social order in the World – Philosophy of Human interaction

4. Analysis: Which one philosophical idea or philosopher did you most disagree with and why? (Name one here but expand to explain they or how your views were conflicting)

5. Critical Thought: What are 3 questions you are left pondering about Philosophy Portfolio (Requirements: 1 – 3 paragraphs – double spaced – for each question. Except for #6, (for #6, you should write at least 1 full page that addresses all the points listed related to your philosopher of choice.) You should have the world, human condition, life, death, god, identity, ethics, love, happiness, etc? Remember the “what if” questions at the start of the course. Your mind has expanded more now and you hopefully have new ideas and curiosities based on what you learned. What are some of the “What if” questions left lingering in your mind?

6. Research and Autonomy: ON your own research one philosopher or philosophical idea that we did not cover in class and share.

Finally, do not copy things word for word online here or you will get a zero.

Detailed Instructions


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