Learning Goal: I’m working on a art question and need guidance to help me learn.

This is a Critical Making Application Assignment. For these assignments I ask you to engage in a simple act of creativity using material that you find around you. This creative process provides a hands-on way to understand the material we have covered.


This assignment will help you to apply your knowledge of the elements and principles by doing some formal analysis in a simple way! It will put you in the role of the artist as well as the art historian.


For this assignment, complete the following steps:

  1. Use everyday objects around you to create two simple compositions: one that showcases one element and one that showcases one principle of design. (Note that the examples were manipulated to create a composition, not just photographed as they appeared. Photos of other artworks, e.g. a painting, will not receive credit.) Some compositions may demonstrate more than one principle or element, but it is important to try to focus on one per photo and in your paragraph.
  2. Take two high-resolution photographs; one of each composition.
  3. Reply to this discussion and embed the two images. (See below for notes and instructions. It is important to embed and not attach)
  4. Below each image write the name of the element or principle it illustrates in BOLD and explain in a brief comment (roughly 80-150 words per artwork) how that element/principle is visible in the image. You can, if you like, also explain why you chose to compose the image in this way to highlight the element/principle. A quick note on aesthetics: Your photos do not have to be masterpieces. They are exercises that ask you to apply your knowledge of the principles and elements in a personal way. You will not be graded on aesthetics, but rather on the degree to which you apply the elements and principles we studied in class and engage with the work of your classmates. However beautiful or ugly, your photographs should obviously showcase the element or principle you choose! A quick note on originality: The photos that you submit must be your own creations and NOT images that you have found online or elsewhere