Pick a Government Policy: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Political Science 1 – American Government and Institutions Summer 2019 (Four Week Class) Term Paper Assignment/Information 1. Prepare a term paper pertaining to any policy issue and present competing arguments (pros/cons), as well as your own opinions, recommended policy improvements, and conclusion regarding the policy issue. You can focus on any policy issue; such as federalism, civil rights, civil liberties, interest groups, models of democracy, a court ruling, eminent domain, livable community issues, general plans, laws and regulations, a government program or project, or other policy issues. 4. Term paper format/requirements include the following: • Paper title with your name, topic/subject title, class name, and date. • Your term paper must have a minimum of 1,500 words (this would be approximately three pages if single spaced). • Be sure to include (label/write down) and address the following section headings in your term paper: 1. Introduction, 2. Background Information, 3. Analysis/Competing Arguments (pro/con), 4. Observations and Recommended Policy Changes, 5. Conclusion, and 6. References (identify a minimum of two different references [i.e. text book and other books, interview, web site, newspaper, survey, etc.]). The writing style is your choice. The term paper style is your decision. The section headings are required.

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Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of the federal civil laws that promote equal access. The law prohibits discrimination based on national origin, color, and race in employment or any other aspects affecting the population daily. This law is meant to promote justice and has played a significant role to present society with equal opportunities(Chambers, 2016). Positions are awarded based on merit and accumulated skills as opposed to based on favors and consideration based on skin color or nationality. The law has also promoted democracy where the desire of the majority is upheld while protecting the concerns and rights of the minorities…

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