Plato’s Republic

Answer the question directly and completely. State your thesis or position, and then provide the evidence (textual citations and facts) and the explanation (reasoning and exposition) to make your thinking clear. You MUST cite at least three ideas or quotations or paraphrases from Plato’s Republic. Please use Stephanus numbers when referring to passages in the text.

Plato believes that individual souls exist, and that they are the form or idea of a living body. Although we cannot touch or see them directly, souls must exist because they are the explanatory principle that allows us to understand what a body is doing and why. Can we make the same argument for states? Do individual states have a “soul”? Does it help the argument if we include the idea of culture (language, art, music, traditions) in the idea of a state? Use what you have learned in your reading of Plato’s Republic to support your conclusion.