1,Please answer the questions below:You have been asked to assess a 10 year old boy who has shown recent symptoms of concentration problems, impulsivity, and crying spells. He has been having nightmares and has developed a fear of the dark. He seemed to be doing fine in previous years, but his father and mother recently separated and engaged in a nasty custody battle. 

What assessment approach do you think would be best in this situation?

 Would you use projective testing? Behavioral Observation? 

Please describe your reasons for your approach. Are there any assessment approaches that might give biased or unhelpful information?


, Explain the importance of Norms, Reliability, and Validity in testing. What are they and how do they help us know our results are worthwhile?


, Choose any of the DSM V diagnoses mentioned in any section of this class. Describe some primary features or symptoms of this disorder.