This podcast will classify songs according to the period and time produced, such as Jazz
songs. The traditional music instrument used was rock jazz, also used piano, drums.
War in the country has occurred for a very long time. Its people have witnessed attacks for a long
time. Police are patrolling the whole country to stop the war; the government has put measures to
protect the country. Its people have to feel threatened due to war, which resulted in a loss of
lives, destruction of property, and some were rendered homeless. In addition to that, the
administrative institution of the country made sure that they provided additional measures aimed
at protecting children and lonely mothers in fear of the war. To stop further fights and inter-war
problems, the government has provided incentives and created job opportunities aimed at
protecting its people. Through the laid down measures, the country has been able to stop other
fights that slowed down economic and social development. The cause of war in the country can
be brought out by racial discrimination and harassment that happened and still happening in the
country, the country, political temper, misunderstanding, and influence where people result in
hatred, which leads to conflict. War affects the peace, unity, and harmony of the country.
Thereby, significant impacts such as economic thrive are affected.
Nationalism. It refers to the citizen’s love for a country and is ready to fight for their country.
Nationalism in Romania termed it the “rise of populist nationalism” (Roberts, 2014). Nationalism
was a name given to people such as police patrols who work day and night to restore peace and
stability in the country, championed to take care of harassed women and children (Bradford,
Five songs that describe the theme of nationalism and war
We are Romanians, a song written by Noi suntem. Is one of the best patriotic songs that impart
the people of Gypsies with the relevant culture, and its message brings about the oneness in the
country. This song is key to nationalism, and I have included it because it has a powerful
message to the people of Romania.
(God, protect the Romanians) it is a song written by Sava Negreanu Brudascu; its lyrics are like a
prayer to the country (Chirileasa, 2018). The prayer is asking God to protect the country from
threatens and attacks. I have included this song because it imparts the spirit of loving a country
and praying for it. It is a prayer for all Romanians.
“Words of Love” is a song written by the Moldovan pop group; the song is about the people of
Romania, their love, and warning other European countries such as France, who exploit and
criticize the government. I have included this song because it defends the country from attacks pf
their nations.
“This is how Romanians are” is a song sang by Nicolae Furdui Iancu. It is a song dedicating love
to the country and people of Romans; in this song, the spirit of nationalism is witnessed, and thus
why I have included it.
The Romanian Rhapsody is a song written by George Enescu. The music makes the people of
Romania feel their country’s spirit, and it promotes patriotism and nationalism. I have included it
because it fosters a love for a country.