Think about a law that you would like to see in place (or removed) in The Bahamas.

For example, the legalisation of marijuana, making alcohol illegal, banning religions other than Christianity, legalising gay marriage, banning junk food, or making it illegal to wear white after Labour Day. It could be anything!

Now you, as a private citizen, can’t actually present new laws or changes to laws to the House of Assembly. Only members of Parliament can. How are you going to get your law passed? What options do you have?

Write one page on what your strategy would be, and why?

Here are some options (feel free to come up with your own, or combine 2 or more of the ones below):
contacting the MP for your area and asking him or her to raise it in the house
organising mass protests to get the government’s attention
bribing a government official to get them to raise it in the house
running in the next general election and if you win raising it yourself
overthrowing the government and establishing a new system
running a public awareness campaign and getting the public to sign petitions
Some the examples above are extreme, but they are all very real ways in which people outside of governments make changes that they think are necessary.

Based on the Bahamian society and what you have experienced as a citizen or resident, what do you think is the best way to get your law passed?