POLS 5031: Nonprofit Management.

The research note will examine a specific issue or question of importance to the study of nonprofit management. Types of research topics might include, but are not limited to: • financial accountability • board/director relationships • social entrepreneurship • social enterprise • nonprofit marketing • program evaluation • nonprofit advocacy Research Note: The task of the assignment is to investigate the scholarly (peer-reviewed) and professional literature for its utility in addressing the topic and produce a 8-10 page research note that synthesizes the literature on the topic. The note should include: A. Definition: Define the topic and why it is of importance to nonprofit decision makers. B. Academic Literature Review: Using a minimum of eight publications, discuss what is known about the topic. A minimum of six publications must be scholarly, peer-reviewed (journal articles). Articles relating to nonprofit issues can be found in a wide variety of academic journals including Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Public Administration Review, and Public and Nonprofit Sector Marketing. C. Application Literature: Using a minimum of two practice-oriented sources, discuss the common and “cutting edge” applied knowledge on the topic. These sources may be workbooks, handbooks, web sites, and publications such as the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Quarterly, Stanford Social Innovation Review and Nonprofit Times.

Quick Response

The management of a non-profit organization requires accumulated knowledge of various regulations and financial accountability. This is because the donors and financiers explore how funds are utilized to influence positive change in society. The Non-profit organizations ought to ensure clear as well as decisive financial governance as a way of promoting financial transparency. In instances of conflict of interests, non-profit organizations should use ethics to guide decisions and the way forward (Agard, 2010). The ethics policy and transparency encourages personal as well as professional integrity. This approach promotes responsible stewardship of resources and prioritization of projects. The non-profit organizations also implement suitable financial controls to guide their spending…

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