Positive or negative impacts of tourism and your study location

Task Decription

Locate, summarise and evaluate six (6) sources (three (3) academic journal articles published between 2000 and 2016, and three (3) non-academic) which relate to positive or negative impacts of tourism and your study location (see Question 5 of instructions for Assessment 3).
Your annotated bibliography should be presented as follows:

Provide a heading for each source with full bibliographic details arranged in alphabetical order, following the Harvard format.
Provide a description of the contents of each source and an analysis of each source in addressing Questions 4,5 or 6 (Assessment 3).
Provide a statement on the relevance of each source to the case study location (Assessment 3). What is the article about? What are key ideas in the article? How do key ideas relate to study location? What are implications from applying key ideas to tourism impacts at the location?
Note: Readings or your text for this unit cannot be used as academic sources for this assessment.

Marking criteria

Correct bibliographic details for each academic source (2 marks)
Review and evaluation of six sources (3 academic and 3 


Possible Solution

l 1033
Boulden, T., 2014. Positive Effects of Gold Coast Tourism. [Online]
Available at: http://gchr.com.au/holiday-information/positive-effects-of-gold-coast-tourism/
[Accessed 6 April 2017].

            The author focuses on tourism in Gold Coast, where he identifies various positive effects of tourism. He identifies Gold Coast as the most visited region in Australia with thousands international as well as domestic tourists visiting the destination for differentiated reasons. The rate of tourism traffic is projected to boom based on the nature of the city and climate found in Gold Coast.

            The article has focused on the ability of Gold Coast to attract visitors from foreign countries and bring positive changes to the community. The tourism sector has influenced the provision of jobs to numerous residents. In addition, it has been noted that the population has grown enormously thus a sign if of satisfaction for the dwellers. The individuals who have secured employment positions have been approximated to be about 27,000. Appropriately, 55% of the residents consider tourism to have affected their lives positively in Queensland…..

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