Potential Risk Factors Associated with Social Media and Human Sex Trafficking

Write a research paper written regarding the role that social media plays with human sex trafficking and if there are any possible prevention tip that can be provided to the vulnerable population. Would like to mention things like what human sex trafficking is, the time span that it evolved, who is at risk, the role of law enforcement in this matter, are there any safeguards that social media quality assurance plans foresee in the future, any relevant cases that may be used as examples to illustrate the negative factors and positive examples that illustrate the success (if any ) that either social media personnel, law enforcement, parents or victims have attested to that helped them and they would like to help others with the same method.

Quick Response

The University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute identifies social media to be exploited by the sex traffickers in contacting, recruiting, and engaging in sex traffic. According to a study by the Social Justice Institute, sex traffickers use the social media to get weak targets and establish connection easily. Another factor that has influenced the approaches used by sex traffickers includes the internet. Internet connectivity has reshaped how people sell and buy everything including sex trafficking¬†(Palmiotto, 2014). Accessibility is enhanced especially with the availability of personal computers and smartphones and various platforms that encourage social interactions. One of the quality assurance plans I foresee includes signing up on social media using a human identification…

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