This assignment focuses on Potentials of Tourism in Eco-Villages. There is also a description of  alternative cultural tourism.

Potentials of Tourism in Eco-Villages : alternative cultural tourism

Title: “Potentials of Tourism in “Eco-Villages”
Theme: Eco-Tourism in Eco-Villages “alternative cultural tourism”.
What I want is to find out how an eco-village functions, and how tourism is applied to the eco-village, analyzing the positive and the negative impacts. Are more positives than negatives? What can be suggested? Also, what type of tourist seeks eco-villages? Besides, What is the public perception of eco-villages, sustainable tourism?
Research Question: Is ECO tourism in Ecovillages truly Sustainable?
Hypothesis: Responsible tourism can be beneficial to eco-villages, as it is a means of economic advancement and social exchange that can support the implementation of environmentally sustainable measures and expand knowledge/education on the sustainable topic.

Potentials of Tourism in Eco-Villages : alternative cultural tourism

• The contradictory goals of tourism can make it difficult to practically apply alternative tourism strategies. As the presence of tourism exploration inevitably brings negative impacts, such as pollution, overuse of natural resources, damage to the environment, degradation of local culture, etc., that purely economic incentives cannot solve.
The question is, “is the tourism in eco-villages sustainable”, and can it have more benefits than negatives?

Potentials of Tourism in Eco-Villages : alternative cultural tourism

Aims and objectives:
Define eco-villages and eco-tourism, define sustainability, explain its importance in the current climate.
Firstly,investigate the role of tourism in the eco-village context. (effects, positive and negatives)
Secondly,analyse potential effects of tourism in the existent ecovillages.
Thirdly, determine if the tourism is sustainable, and consistent with the sustainable goals of eco-villages.

Fourthly,determine tourist motivations when choosing the eco-village as a tourism destination.
Fifth, exam the potential role of sustainability in the viability of eco-villages.
Sixth, Provide Recommendations.

Detailed Instructions


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