Prepare a management report on an organization

Prepare a management report on an organization** within one of the following industry/sectors***: 1. Manufacturing – Manufacture of food products (Section C, Division 10 only) 2. Water supply; sewerage, waste management

Task 1 (30% weighting) Give a brief overview of the primary external influences to which the organization is subject and briefly explain the particular importance of each to the organization

Task 2 (70% weighting) Choose one of the following themes: 1. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 2. Regional economic integration (Eg. European Union, ASEAN) 3. Government intervention/ Trade war 4. Environmental Issues 5. Globalisation within the context of emerging markets 6. Changing demography 7. Mergers and Acquisitions In relation to your chosen theme: i. analyse its relevance to your chosen organization and how it influences policies and decision-making within your chosen organization or industry-sector. ii. critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s response. iii. (if possible and appropriate) demonstrate some areas for improvement in the response of the organization.

Quick Response

  1. The primary external influences of manufacturing include the procurement and supply team, logistics, distribution, and registration and legal aspects. Each stakeholder or external influence has a specific role to play to ensure that the manufacturing process is successful. Ethics and corporate social responsibility is an essential aspect that determines the integrity of every team to deliver their respective roles effectively. Collaboration is required in manufacturing and hence every player is expected to accomplish their duties timely and observe quality to ensure that no process is delayed, which could trigger delays in other processes respectively. Mergers and acquisition in relation to ethics and CSR should promote the quality of the products and services delivered by a particular company…

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