The assignment focuses on Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage. Additionally, there is an analysis of Social Responsibility. So, explore the questions.

Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage – Social Responsibility Analysis

Description Throughout history, every country, culture and people have contributed their own unique ideas, thoughts, stories, structures and voices to the musical landscape. It may have unthinkable during their lifetimes but those contributions have been available to the world for many years now. Firstly, through the work of musicians, archivists, historians, musicologists and technology. Secondly, the “history” of music has been passed down from generation to generation. So, if music has been, as the definition of heritage indicates, “….transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor.”

Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage – Social Responsibility Analysis

So, does it mean MUSIC is a heritage? Is it YOUR heritage? You may not have been born in that country or belong to that culture but is it YOUR heritage because you are a citizen of the world? The purpose of this essay is to explore those questions. Whether its music that informs you or just entertains, as the definition of Social Responsibility indicates, do you have an “….obligation to act with the benefit of society at large in mind.” Do you have a Social Responsibility to preserve it? What is that responsibility and how do you show it? Is preserving a musical heritage important? Why is it important?

Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage – Social Responsibility Analysis

How is its importance measured? Can it measured at all? What methods do you suggest should used to accomplish this? Can it be done without cost, whether in time or money? Who should shoulder the burden of that cost? Should we have entities like the National Endowment for the Arts (Links to an external site.)? Why or why not? Should the responsibility to preserve your musical heritage lie only with the NEA? How should we handle the support and/or preservation of art forms that do not generate enough income to be selfsupporting?

Preservation of Our Cultural Heritage – Social Responsibility Analysis

Your essay should also include the following two statements as an introduction. Social Responsibility: the obligation of an entity or individual to act for the benefit of the society at large Heritage: property that descends to an heir: Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor LEGACY, INHERITANCE, TRADITION, BIRTHRIGHT.

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