Principles of Nursing (Learning Disability field)

Assignment Trigger

Sam has a mild learning disability and until recently was not known to services.

Sam is 45 and lives alone, having lived with their Mother until 5-years ago when Sam’s Mother died of natural causes.  Sam now has regular phone contact with a cousin, who lives 160 miles away.  Whilst offering lots of emotional support, and knowing Sam extremely well, the cousin is not able to offer practical support.

People who do not know Sam often find it hard to understand Sam’s speech, which Sam finds frustrating.  Sam often struggles to understand what others say, and needs time to process new information.  Sam will often simply agree or say, “talk to my cousin”, if Sam does not understand what has been said.  Sam can read a few words.

Sam does not like to be touched and does not like people getting too close.

Sam has been feeling run down, and Sam’s cousin is concerned about Sam’s overall health.  Recently Sam’s cousin made a GP appointment, but Sam cannot tell the time and when Sam turned up at the surgery at the incorrect time, was sent away by the receptionist.  Sam is scared of using public transport and it is a two-hour return trip by foot from home to GP surgery.  Sam has since been referred to the local Community Learning Disability Nursing Team to facilitate an Annual Health Check at the GP surgery.  Sam has never had an Annual Health Check before.