Please see attached instructions for instructions in 

A comprehensive solution set to a selection of managerial accounting problems that involve:

Preparing Forecasting/Proforma Statements

Preparing Capital Budgets

Generating Operating Budgets

Demonstrating a knowledge of standard costing and variances

Performing profitability and cost analyses of businesses and business segments

Constructing a balanced scorecard for strategic planning and control purposes, considering both quantitative and

qualitative data

Step 1: Preparation

In order to prepare for this assignment, it is important to carefully review the entire scenario for each problem found in

Appendix A. When reviewing each problem, the following questions should be considered:

1. What possible tasks are required?

2. What you will need to complete the problem?

3. What formulas will you need?

4. What resources from this competency might you reference to successfully complete this problem?

5. Think about possible plans of action for what steps you will takewhat strategies will you use to tackle each