The purpose statement should flow directly from the problem statement. It should be a concise paragraph that explains the intent of the study. Specific reasons should be provided for conducting the research and should directly relate to the research questions. The researcher should begin the purpose statement with, “The purpose of this (qualitative or quantitative) study is to…”. The purpose statement should further describe the methodological design identifying the approach or process by which the study will be conducted. This section typically ranges between 200 and 300 words.
The significance of the study should demonstrate why the study is essential and how the contribution(s) from the finalized research will add to the field of study. Keep in mind that this section is different from the problem statement. The problem statement identifies the problem, shows a scarcity or lack of data or information in a particular area. The purpose statement explains why the study is being conducted (to address the problem). The significance of the study section looks at the benefits or positive outcomes of answering the research questions and achieving the goals (purpose) of the study. How will the findings from the research add to or impact the greater the body of knowledge? This section is typically one page in length.
After reviewing the Reading and Study material for this module and conducting your own outside research, craft a purpose statement and significance of the study section stemming from the proposed problem statement from week 2.

Problem Statement for the Lack of Diversity in Senior Leadership Roles
Please follow the below steps:

1. Submit a revised problem statement incorporating the Professor’s feedback from Week 2.
2. Craft a purpose statement starting with the sentence, “The purpose of this (qualitative or quantitative) study is to…”. The purpose statement should range between 200-300 words.
3. Develop a significance of the study section not to exceed 1 page.

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