Task 1: Report

You work for a Management Consultancy advising clients on the suitability of design, procurement, and project management solutions. You have been approached by a Local Authority (LA) who are considering purchasing a former bank in the centre of Salford. Their plan is to renovate it into a community centre to help rejuvenate the local area. They don’t want to be accused of over gentrification and need to ensure as much local benefit as
possible – during the procurement, from the construction process, and from the finished building.

The LA is aware of recent legislation and moves within the construction industry to have a more values driven procurement agenda. However, they have no in-house expertise and so are seeking advice and guidance on how
to proceed. As they will be using public funds the LA will need to ensure that any spend is justifiable and value for money can be evidenced. They are also conscious of lengthy construction timescales attracting public criticism and so would like a short construction duration and as well as an attractive completed building that is sustainable with green credentials.

The LA has asked you to prepare a 1,500 word report advising on the following:

a) What a value driven construction procurement process will look like, why they should consider adopting this approach, and any associated benefits and drawbacks they may experience (30 marks)

b) A suitable procurement route for the project, with a clear rationale for its selection and suitability for their needs, including how it will work with the value driven approach outlined in question part a) (30 Marks)

Note – the total words for Task 1 (for both question a) and b) combined is to be 1,500 words)

Your report should include a minimum of 5 citations. These references should be recorded using the Harvard APA 7th style

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