The assignment talks about Professional Health and Social care Practice. Besides, there is also an analysis of Personal Development. So,  develop your knowledge, skills and understanding.

Professional Health and Social care Practice – Personal Development Analysis

Firstly, demonstrate the knowledge and key attributes required by those seeking to enter professional health and social care practice. Secondly, successfully complete key aspects of the Care Certificate. Things to think about in respect of the Skills for Inter Professional Practice. These are only a few ideas to think about -this is not exhaustive. Also, understanding your role (what is your role-how do you know. What your professional regulatory body? Thirdly, how you regulated both now in the future ? Besides, think also about your own experience attitudes and beliefs impact. How does your confidentiality relate to this  and also think about protected characteristics. agreed ways of working also impact in this area. Think also about effective partnership working and how does the 6c’s work in relation to your role?

Professional Health and Social care Practice – Personal Development Analysis

2-    Personal Development. Firstly, how are you going to develop in your role ? think about supervision attending tutorials. Looking at objectives -time management plan-how do you intend to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding. Secondly, how do you learn ? think about feedback or feeding forward. Duty of care -We all have a duty of care  to all those receiving care and support in your workplace. This means promoting wellbeing and making sure that people are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury. Whats your code of conduct -how do you promote well being -thinking about Acts/Legislation/ Promoting dignity and respect. Where doe incidents errors and near misses come into play.

Professional Health and Social care Practice – Personal Development Analysis

4-      Equality & Diversity – Promoting equality and  respecting diversity are central to life today. To provide care and support that meets the needs of everyone you have to understand what these terms mean and take account of them in your work.- what does this mean???  And how are you going to do this -how do you reduce discrimination in your work place and promote equality and diversity? Working in a person centred way – Whether or not we are aware of it, we all live our everyday lives by a set of values that shape how we think and react. Values are beliefs and ideas about how people should behave which have been formed by our childhoods, families, backgrounds, cultures, religions. Additionally, think about the 6c’s and the individual patient/client and that each individual must be placed at the centre of their care and support. 

Professional Health and Social care Practice – Personal Development Analysis

What other legislation comes into this – any person centred value that you can think of? Communication – Good communication develops your knowledge and understanding about individuals and the part played by other workers so that the best care and support possible can be provided. It helps build working relationships where each person’s views are valued and taken into account.- think about types of communication- how does it work with other works etc?.

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