The assignment entails Professional Sport in Ontario. Besides, there is an Analysis of Legal Concepts. So, analyse a contract from a security firm regarding the contract for a season.

Professional Sport in Ontario – Legal Concepts Analysis


The topic this term will to analyse a contract from a security firm regarding the contract for a season tickets for a professional sport in Ontario. Each student (individual paper) will explain the application of all the legal concepts covered in class to the term paper and propose recommendations regarding the legal issues. You do not go outside the class material covered in class to complete the term paper. Minimum, 35 TO 40 PAGES, DOUBLE SPACED
Times Roman, 12 points, Report format


USE FOOTNOTES and appropriate references.

Professional Sport in Ontario – Legal Concepts Analysis

Firstly, executive summary with key recommendations (one-two pages). Secondly, introduction (five pages) – explanation of the paper, objectives, ethical issues and methodology – how did you completed the paper steps by steps – including the business relationship with the stakeholders. Thirdly, description and explanation in your words of all the clauses of the document (fifteen pages to twenty pages); Fourthly, application of any legal principles (20) covered in class (seven to ten pages) and where these principles are to be found in the agreement. Fourthly, recommendations (5) and lessons learned (three pages);
6. Application of the agreement with your problem scenario of your choice, legal corrective measures with provisions dealing with all the elements of the document (five to seven pages);

Professional Sport in Ontario – Legal Concepts Analysis

The link contract that needs to be examined is:
or you can search “ottawa senators tickets terms and conditions”

I’ve attached the lecture notes, look through them for context for what covered in class for what to include in the report.
This also specifically Canadian law, so law from other countries should not applied here.
I’d like the format to contain footnotes, and some number of sources, I’ll leave the number of sources up to you.
This is 3rd year course for business students about law at an intro level, so use whatever depth of level you think is appropriate.

Detailed Instructions


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