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This assignment asks you to design ERD based on business requirements and translate ERD into

relational models. You need to use your business domain knowledge and make some reasonable

assumptions to derive business rules.The skills needed to complete this assignment are introduced in the

lecture slides, videos and tutorial in this week. This assignment builds on the examples in the lecture

videos but asks you to extend the techniques. Understanding the examples in the lecture part is key for

success but you will also have to think and explore.


Automata Inc. produces specialty vehicles by contract. The company operates several departments, each of

which builds a particular vehicle, such as a limousine, a truck, a van, or an RV.


specific components. Automata’s purchasing department is interested in creating a database to keep track

of orders and to accelerate the process of delivering materials.


maintained so that the most frequently requested items are delivered almost immediately. When an order

comes in, it is checked to determine whether the requested item is in inventory. If an item is not in inventory,

it must be ordered from a supplier. Each item may have several suppliers.


1. Recently, an analysis of Caterpillar Inc. found that it’s equity beta (the beta on its stock) is 1.03. The most recent annual dividend is $4.12/share. A survey of economist finds that the perceived market risk premium is around 6.5%. As of Oct 1, 2020, the yield on a 30-year U.S. Treasury was 1.45%. Given this information, answer the following questions.

a. Assuming dividends are NOT expected to grow in the future. What is the expected current share price given this information?

b. Assume dividends are expected to grow by 4% in perpetuity. Given this assumption, what is the expected current share price?

c. Assume that dividends are expected to grow abnormally for the next 3 years at a rate of 10%. Then, long-term dividend growth is expected to stabilize at 4% annually. Given this information, what is the expected current price?

d. The actual current price in mid-October is $168.75. Given this information and assuming a constant growth rate, what is the implied growth rate given this price?

e. Provide one or more possible explanations of why the actual price ($168.75) is so far above the prices calculated in parts (a), (b), and (c).


2. Think of three publicly traded (meaning they have stock prices) U.S. firms, which we will call A, B, and C. A & B should be firms in the same industry and ones you expect to be very similar. Firm C should be a company in a completely different industry. As an example, you could choose Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Microsoft. Extract the monthly prices and determine the monthly returns of each of these securities over a 60-month period (From Jan 1, 2015-Dec 31, 2019). If you do not know how to do this, please watch the brief tutorial Getting Stock Returns. Enter all of these returns in a single spreadsheet and do the following.

a. Determine the mean, variance, and standard deviation of each security’s returns.

b. Determine the covariance and correlations of each pair’s returns with one another. Briefly discuss each correlation (i.e. does it make sense given the (lack of) similarities?).

c. Create two portfolios (AB and AC). Begin with $1,000 to invest and evenly distribute into each investment at the beginning of the first month.

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