Part III “Phase 2 Data Collection/Analysis – Organizational Culture, Employee Motivation”

Designing Interview Questions

Refer to Activity 3 “Data Gathering (Anderson, 2018, p. 315) and read the author’s recommendations for designing effective interview questions. Simply, the interview questions should:
Be nonjudgmental. That is, they should not presume a particular response or make assumptions in the question, leading the interviewee to a desired position.
Be phrased as open ended, allowing the respondent maximum flexibility in answering what is important to him or her.
Follow up to seek additional detail where necessary, asking the interviewee to reflect on a particular experience if he or she shares general observations, for example.”
Return to Chapter 2 (Week 1) and read Chapter 5 in Konopaske et al. (2018)
Create a set of interview questions related to organizational culture and employee motivation.
Interview 1: “Organizational Culture and Employee Motivation”

Conduct your first interview by gaining insights into organizational culture and employee motivation at the target organization.
Based on your interview with the manager, provide a preliminary diagnosis of the organizational culture, as you know it right now. How does the manager think their organization as a whole views these factors: time, personal relationships, the nature of work, the nature of the workplace, creativity, authority, decision-making, and rewards.
What evidence supports this belief? Which theories, models, or concepts best explain the culture you observed during your interview? How does that culture inform the organizational diagnosis you conducted so far?
Next, provide a preliminary diagnosis of employee motivation based on your interview with the manager. Specifically, assess the extent to which his or her direct reports as well as other employees in the organization are motivated. Review theories of motivation (e.g., expectancy theory, equity theory, goal setting) and propose one theory that may explain the extent to which employees at the selected organization are motivated.
Draft 1-2 culturally competent recommendations for change incorporating this week’s Organizational Behavior (OB) concepts (e.g., organizational culture and employee motivation).
What multicultural and international issues would need to be considered in the context of employee motivation, if this organization expanded globally?
This section of your project will be between 500-650 words in length and will be formatted in APA (6th or 7th formatting) style, including double-spaced, 12-pt font, in-text citation and references at the end of the paper (3-5 references).

Sample Interview Questions: Organizational Culture

How would you describe the culture of the organization at which you are currently employed?
Which culture type describes this organization: (a) Customer-service (clan) culture “doing things together”, (b) Ethical culture, (c) Diversity culture (d) Innovative culture “doing things first”, (e) performance (achievement) culture “getting the job done” (f) Hierarchical culture “doing things right”?
What role does diversity play in the culture of this organization?
How can a leader help create a desired culture in an organization?
As a leader, what can you do to promote cultural change that helps improve the overall effectiveness?
Interview Questions: Employee Motivation

Your turn to create interview questions related to employee motivation