This assignment focuses on Project management skills. There is alsok a description of APM competency framework. So,  please read, Chapter 2, Basic Skills for Project Managers

Project management skills : APM competency framework

1 Reflective Statement (Contains feedback from the tutor and previous work which needs to rewritten according to the tutor’s feedback)
2 E Portfolio (it includes E portfolio in which nothing more  needed to be added. Though corrected and removed few things like references) but please read the tutor feedback

3 Marking Matrix (is a guide to how this assignment will be assessed and percentage of work that is needed to be shown in the assignment)
4 Guidelines to the assignment (includes step by step guide to do this assignment everything is available in detail)
5 APM competency framework blank form. Also,  ( which is  incomplete and needed to be filled and linked with reflective statement in main assignment and the copy of which is  needed to be added in the E portfolio as mentioned by the tutor in feedback and also in the assignment guidelines . it has already been done you can see that in portfolio and and reflective assignment

Project management skills : APM competency framework

7 Guidelines To fill the APM competency frame work form

So, List of Recourses literature review names of books and journals provide by university to do the assignment
Project management skills

So, real project management: the skills and capabilities you will need for successful project delivery
Book by Peter Taylor 2015 Optional

Also, Emotional intelligence for project managers: the people skills you need to achieve outstanding results
Book by Anthony C. Mersino 2013; ©2013 Optional

Then, Top 12 project management skills | APM
Webpage Optional

Project management: best practices for IT professionals
Book by Richard Murch 2001 Optional
Google Books Logo
So, please read, Chapter 2, Basic Skills for Project Managers

Detailed Instructions


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