Assignment 2


Each student will be required to produce a 1500 words project management report which should include and discuss project documents related to their project. These documents should include business case, project charter, work breakdown structure and a critical path analysis. Students should also critically evaluate ethical, social and legal responsibilities during a project by referring to current project management literature.


Tasks / Deliverables of Assignment 2


Task-1: Prepare a business case for your selected project. Pay particular attention to the following areas in your project business case:

a)Strategic case for the project with a justification for undertaking the project. (10 Marks)

b)An evaluation of costs/benefits and risks of alternative options while providing a rationale for the selected options. (10 Marks)

c)A summary of the benefits (both tangible and non-tangible) that will arise from the completed project and any unavoidable drawbacks. (10 Marks)


Task-2: Prepare a project charter and based on this, design a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). You also need to develop a critical path for the work breakdown structure. (20 Marks)


Task-3: Evaluate the role of a project manager in the context of their ethical, social and legal responsibilities during a project. Critically evaluate the skills an IT project manager needs to perform exceptionally well. Assess how the work of a project manager is judged and appraise the limitations faced by a project’s team. (15 Marks)


Task-4: Write a critical summary of using cost-benefit analysis. Discuss other quality assurance tools/processes, focusing on their application within project management. How do these impact the life cycle of the project? (25 Marks)



Presentation, Report Layout and References:      (10 marks)



Assignment Checklist


Cover sheet completed  

Table of Content  


Task 1: Business Case  

Task 2: Project Charter + WBS + Critical Path Analysis  

Task 3: Evaluation and Critical Analysis of a Project Manager  

Task 4: Critical Summary of Cost-Benefit Analysis and other Quality Assurance tools/processes  


Grammatical errors check completed  

In-text citations correctly written  

Reference list on a separate page, completed and in the correct format  





Referencing and Bibliography


Although much of your report will contain existing body of knowledge, you must write your assignment in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. You -are required to follow the Harvard referencing system when citing others’ works. An accompanying list of references must also be provided as part of your report. Extensively referenced work reflects the level of research you conducted in the process of producing the document. It is also an acknowledgement of other people’s work. Correct referencing demonstrates your academic and professional skills. It also reflects your academic honesty and thus to some degree protects you from cases of plagiarism.


Please refer to Moodle for the latest version of the Roehampton Harvard referencing System or ask the library.


Academic Integrity is a matter that is taken very seriously at the university and students should endeavour to enforce it to all their assignments. In other words, plagiarism, collusion (working and copying from another student) and ghost writing will not be tolerated and will result in sanctions eg: capped resit, suspension and/or withdrawal.